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Dane Shakespear is a marketing consultant that specializes in transforming businesses with high-cost services struggling to compete in competitive markets.  Clients have included small mom and pop shops to some of the world's large corporations, but Dane prefers the smaller, entrepreneurial businesses that have great services but are not able to get sufficient attention of their market.  Dane has taken his clients from struggling to compete to becoming sought-after leaders in their markets and industries. Often the first questions he gets are "Is that your real name?" then, "So are you related to William Shakespeare?" and finally, "so, why no 'e' in Shakespear?" The answers are: Yes that is his real name, from day one - or two at least, his grandfather wasn't sure he liked the name Dane, but he came around. Yes, he is related to William Shakespeare - they are first cousins 12 generations apart. William's father and Dane's father (x 12) are brothers. Why no 'e' in Shakespear? Who knows, it seems to appear and disappear every 2-3 generations since the 1500's.

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